Woman With Extremely Rare Condition Grows Eyelash-Like Hairs In Her Mouth

When we see hair in our food or accidentally eat it, we get nauseous or disgusted right away, but for one woman in Italy, this is a permanent thing.

The woman, whose identity was kept as a secret, was 19-years-old when she realized she had eyelash-like hairs growing in her mouth.

According to doctors, this was caused by a rare disorder.

Her case was published in the Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology.

In the study, the doctors said the girl was 19-years-old, which was in 2009 when she discovered small hairs in her gums.

The doctors diagnosed her with the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

As part of her treatment, the woman went through oral surgery and birth control pills.

The hairs initially stopped growing, but 6 years after her treatment, she returned back to the clinic with hairs in her gums.

The woman revealed that she had stopped taking the birth control pills, which resulted in the hairs to grow back, but this time it was worse.

Upon her return to the doctors, she had hair on her chin and neck.

Hair growth related to PCOS is fairly common.

NHS said, “Common symptoms of PCOS include excessive hair growth – usually on the face, chest back or buttocks.”

According to the researchers in the study, it is extremely unusual to see hair growth inside the mouth.

In their study, the researchers said, “The occurrence of hairs in the oral cavity is an extremely rare finding.”

Dr. Felice Femiano, the leader of the study, said, “A literature review found only 5 cases, most of which described a single hair localized in various sites of the oral cavity.”

The exact reason for hair growing inside the mouth is still not known.

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