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On June 14 every year, the world celebrates the World Blood Donor Day 2019. The day was officially proclaimed in 2004, it was established to raise awareness of the need to save lives and increase the numbers of blood donors. The day also serves as a thank you day to those blood donors who voluntarily give out blood for free to save someone’s life.

The WBDD (World Blood Donor Day) is one of the official 8 global public health campaigns that are marked by the WHO (World Health Organization).

The 8 official global public health campaigns by the WHO are:

  • World Blood Donor Day
  • World Health Day
  • World Tuberculosis Day
  • World Immunization Week
  • World Malaria Day
  • World No Tobacco Day
  • World Hepatitis Day
  • World AIDS Day

The main objective of this celebration is to encourage people, especially the younger ones to feel encourage and start donating with the hopes that the blood donor population does not decline and continues to go up.

In 2019, the WBDD (World Blood Donor Day) will be celebrated on June 14. This will serve as a thank you to all the blood donors gave out their blood freely to save live, this year’s celebration will also serve as an awareness day of the celebration.

Blood donation saves more than 1 million lives per year and it also helps out in recovering patients who went through, child labor, injuries, surgeries, complex injuries, and many more. It is also important that the government keeps the numbers balanced so they can give out blood to those who need it.

That’s the reason why the world celebrates the WBDD (World Blood Donor Day) every June 14, the day encourages blood donors to donate blood regularly and to encourage others who have not.

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All blood donors should be:

  • In good health and should feel good. Make sure to donate blood when you are feeling good and healthy.
  • Make sure to be in the legal age before you donate blood, some countries allow 16-year-old’s to donate.
  • You should be at least 110 pounds and should be healthy.

Some Facts About Blood Donating and Donors:

  • Type O blood is the most requested type of blood that is asked by hospitals.
  • Before blood gets released to patients, all blood donations are tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, Syphilis, and other infectious diseases.
  • There are nearly 10 million blood donors in the USA alone.
  • If a blood donor is healthy, he/she could donate 6 times a year.

World Blood Donor Day HD Pictures And Ultra HD Wallpapers


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