YouTuber Kisses His Half-Sister For A Prank And Posts The Video On YouTube

One of the most iconic pranksters of YouTube, PrankInvasion uploaded a 5-minute video on his YouTube Channel in which he kisses his half-sister for around 10-20 seconds.

The video that he posted has a title of “KISSING MY ACTUAL SISTER PRANK!

Chris Monroe made sure that their family dinners will never be the same again after he kissed his so-called sister in the video.

When the video starts, Chris does point out that the girl in the video is his “Half-Sister”.

The entire video is really tough to watch, considering the facts that most of the videos made by PrankInvasion are staged and a number of people are saying that the woman in the video is his cousin.

Even if the woman in the video is his cousin, how can someone consider this as a prank?????

The thing that bothered everyone the most is that it looks like the 2 have done this before.

You can see how the 2 kissed each other, for sure no 2 people who are somewhat related to each other can get this intimate in a matter of time and still smile at each other after doing a horrific thing.

People who watched the video were not happy with what the 2 did.

One said, “the only video that I’d actually want it to be clickbait.”

Another one said, “I bet after the camera stopped, they fooled around some more.. and will at family gatherings, when no one is around. They’ll sneak to the closet for a quicky.”

A third person said, “He honestly has a problem. His whole channel is about kissing these random girls. Now it’s his sister.”

That’s enough internet for today, please excuse us, we have to bleach our eyeballs and wash our body off a tub full of ethanol.

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