4-Year-Old Girl Will Walk For The First Time After Mystery Millionaire Pays For Her Life-Changing Surgery

Not all heroes wear capes, some hide their identities!

A 4-year-old girl from Yorkshire, England, took her first steps in her entire life thanks to a kind millionaire that anonymously paid for her life-changing surgery.

Emily Anderson, who is from Doncaster, was just around 1 when she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

In 2017, Paula and John Anderson, the parents of Emily, noticed that she was not developing.

An MRI scan found damage to the left side of her brain, which caused her to be born prematurely.

Doctors were initially under the impression she may never be able to walk or talk in her entire life.

After the diagnosis, Paula began to look into different surgery options and came across Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.

The operation would help the movement of Emily.

Talking about her daughter and the surgery, Paula said:

The muscles and nerves in Emily’s legs don’t work with her brain so the surgery will cut the nerves and reduce the spasticity in her legs so they will stretch out more and function. She can’t stand up straight or sit with her legs out so it will give her a chance to do that and be able to walk. Unfortunately it was unavailable on the NHS for Emily, but we, along with private consultants, are really confident that this procedure will be really beneficial for her. The surgery is more effective from this age than later on in life, so the longer we leave it, the less effective it might be, so we didn’t want to wait.

The mother was really keen on helping her daughter, but the problem is that they did not have the money.

The mother set up an online fundraiser with hopes of raising £75,000, which is the amount they have to pay for the spinal surgery.

After setting up the fundraiser, good things started to happen.

An anonymous donor offered to cover the bill.

Not only the bill for the surgery, but a trip to Disneyland afterward was also offered.

Paula was left speechless after hearing the good news.

Recalling the moment, Paula said:

I was so emotional when the donor called me with the offer. It was all out of the blue and I didn’t expect it at all. He wants to fund her medical care, treatment, aftercare and treat her to a Disney trip afterwards which is just incredible.

Paula said that there is no way she can thank the donor, who wants to stay anonymous.

Emily, the girl that needs the surgery, is a polite and loving girl that does not let her diagnosis let her down.

The family said that she had to be discharged from her speech therapy after she became chatty.

Ohh, you little one.

An appointment has been booked in December to start the treatment of Emily.

Paula, the mother, talked about Emily and their family.

She said in a statement:

She desperately wants to be involved with her friends at mainstream school and she has a brilliant set of teachers and friends who help her. John and I, as well as Emily’s sisters Katie, 16, Charlotte, 12 and Mia, 16 months, are really looking forward to the future and I’m excited for her to reach even more milestones. I would be grateful if people could come forward if their child has had the procedure to point me in the right direction.

Such a great person!

Thank you, sir, you are indeed an angel sent by the almighty one!

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