Chicago Couple Cancel Wedding And Donate $5,000 Catering Deposit To Buy Thanksgiving Dinners For The Poor

Golden hearted couple.

A couple from Chicago, USA, canceled their wedding amidst this pandemic and ended up donating the $5,000 catering deposit that they had made so they could buy Thanksgiving dinners for the ones that are in need.

The couple ended up getting married at City Hall in Chicago instead of going big.

Such an amazing thing to do in rough times.

33-year-old Emily Bugg and 34-year-old Billy Lewis planned to tie the knot at a funky warehouse in the West Town neighborhood bringing 150 guests from across the country.

Bugg, 33, works as an outreach worker at the non-profit Thresholds, which helps people with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other psychiatric conditions.

But because of the pandemic, they got to think that going big is not the thing right now.

Bugg said that it was not feeling right.

Bugg and Lewis met on Bumble, an online dating application in 2017, and got to tie the knot, but were having to prepare more because of the pandemic.

During an interview with Lewis, he said:

We had come to a place where we had some big decisions to make. We decided to just go ahead and get on with our lives.

The pair got married on October 1, 2020, at City Hall.

With a lot of money left, the couple made sure that the money that they still had was used in proper places.

So instead of using the money in the catering to feed their friends and family, the couple had something in mind.

The woman and her husband persuaded Big Delicious Planet, to use their $5,000 deposit to package Thanksgiving meals for 200 clients.

Man, such a good thing to do.

They ended up packing meals that consist of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, and cranberry sauce for 200 people.

Bugg along with her co-workers were the ones that delivered the food to the ones that needs it amidst this pandemic.

Such an amazing thing to do amidst this coronavirus pandemic.

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