As Per Studies, Alternative Medicine can Cause Sooner Death of Cancer Patient

Cancer is an incurable disease, though there are cases where it has been defeated. However, cases like that are far less than in which it ends in death. Many people choose alternative medicine. However, as per studies, alternative medicine can cause sooner death of Cancer patient.



What does the study say?

Apparently, as per a study. People who choose alternative medicine. In other words, medication which is over standard, and is said to be proven cancer treatment. Are more likely to die sooner.

Though, if people choose to have this alternative medicine. Alongside conventional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. There isn’t any harm to people. However, anyone who chooses alternative methods like herbal or homeopathy is only. They are more likely to be dead sooner.

What do experts say?

For many years, doctors have warned people. People who choose medicine which is not proven. These unproven methods lure the patient away from proper medication, which may very well end up taking their life.



“It’s shocking, the lack of comparative data that’s out there,” said Dr. James Yu of the Yale Cancer Center

The study was done from the data of, nearly 2 million cancer patients. Not many had accepted using an alternative method. However, 258 people did. Which they compared it with 1000 patient. Who never took any alternative medicine.

People who choose alternative methods like herbs, homeopathy, naturopathy or Chinese medicine. Also, we’re more likely to refuse standard cancer treatment.

They found that patient who chooses alternative methods, some among them also refused surgery. And more than third of people declined hormone therapy or chemotherapy, and half of them declined the radiation therapy.

Doctors said that if you could cure cancer with baking soda, who wouldn’t want to do that.



Doctors said if an alternative method helps a patient feel better. Which is done alongside standard medicine. He is all up for it. Anything that helps patients feel better and more confident. Is of help. However, denying the conventional dose is of absolute risk. And doctors should always listen to the patient in order to understand his mindset. So that he can be helped in a better way.

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