New Study Finds Babies Born In Autumn Are More Likely To Suffer From Food Allergies, Hay Fever, And Asthma

Babies that are born in autumn are more likely to suffer from hay fever, food allergies, and asthma, said a new study.

The United Kingdom has one of the highest allergy rates in the world. 20 percent of the population suffers from at least 1 allergic disorder.

Dr. Jessica Hui, from the National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado, said that they looked at every child treated in their clinic and noticed that every kid that was born in the fall had more chances to experiences all of the conditions above, which are mostly associated with allergies.

Dr. Jessica Hui said:

We looked at every child treated in our clinic, and those born in the fall were much more likely to experience all of the conditions associated with (allergies). Now we are learning more about why that is and we strongly believe it stems from the bacteria on the skin.

It is believed that most allergies start during infancy when allergens pass through dry or cracked skin. This causes a chain reaction of allergic disease that is known as the “atopic march”.

Eczema, a skin disease that affects 1 out of 5 children in the United Kingdom, makes the skin extremely dry, itchy, red, watery and cracked.

Children that have eczema often have high levels of harmful bacteria that are known as staph aureus on their skin. This lowers their ability to keep out allergens or pathogens that cause diseases out of their body.

Dr. Hui, the lead of the study, said:

When food particles are able to penetrate the skin rather than being digested, the body sees them as foreign and creates antibodies against them, which causes the child to become allergic.

Trials are currently being done to know the cause that is weakening the skin barrier of babies that are born in autumn.

Dr. Hui added:

We think if we can intervene at a very young age, even right after the baby’s out of the womb, then potentially that’s a way for us to try to stop the development of this atopic march.

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