Man Ordered An iPhone-8 On Flipkart, But Slammed With A 250 G Wheel Detergent Bar

Note: The context written here has happened in reality, but presented in a humorous way for reader’s sake. So, read it for fun, and the story here is not at all subjected to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Things aren’t going to be any better for today’s engineers. Our streets are now overflowing with the number of engineers graduating every year from the towns and cities. Starting from the availability of jobs and opportunities, we’re now suffering from the immense crowd. For those who are eagerly waiting for the government jobs, reservations are pissing them off. While those who are dreaming of a great future with their loved ones, they’re most commonly married off to some well-settled working guy.

flipkart fake camera

After all, in this typical times, few things that fascinate us are memes, web series and the online offers, they are like the knight in the shining armor. And, when it comes to the online shopping, with the advent of technology, the shopping has become quite handy and one can opt for the everlasting offers, discounts, and promotional cashback-things with few clicks.

It is well understood that this 21st century’s style of shopping has peaked the traditional way raising the bars advertently with the whole new appealing strategies of marketing with ease. And, gone are those days when laying hands on the product was the preliminary step in buying something. It is click and check-out strategy now. E-commerce sites are roping in new ways of luring the aspiring customers all the way through kith and kin.

With less or no issues on offline-shopping, people these days are deliberately choosing the Internet to grab their desired goods at stunningly unexpected prices, well, aside from all this, how about the authenticity? The quality? The durability?

flipkart delivers stone inspite of DSLR

So, amid the online buzz, a shocking incident has happened in Mumbai, which proved out that the online shopping has also backstabbed us. This has drawn some serious concerns about the Flipkart’s delivery factors. And, unfortunately, the victim in this is a young software engineer from the city who was left in rude shock after Flipkart delivered him a detergent bar when he ordered and paid for an iPhone-8.

Just after this happened, the 26-Year-Old Tabrej Mehaboob Nagrali approached the Byculla police in central Mumbai, a case of cheating was registered against Flipkart, at the station, he said that he had ordered an iPhone-8 on the shopping portal and made the full payment of Rs 55,000.

soap bar in iphone 8 box flipkart

Describing the events, he said that it was on January 22, the parcel was delivered to his house located in Panvel. Referring to the same, the Byculla police station’s senior police inspector Avinash Shingte said, “Nagrali approached us with a complaint yesterday, and an offense of cheating was registered against Flipkart”.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from the e-tailing company stated the inquiry is on, and further details will be revealed in short time.

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