10 Reasons Why You Should Skip Watching Rajinikanth’s Kabali Movie, Despite The Hype!

Kabali is the most awaited film of the year and after a long wait, it was hit on screens today. This movie bagged a mammoth craze in every movie fan with its posters and trailers. Many records were broken by this movie before its release and so gained everyone’s attention. But is it really worth watching? Here are our inputs on the movie.

1. Over Hype by Media


Kabali is old wine in New bottle, there is nothing fresh or entertaining elements in the film. Overhype by media kills Kabali. For example, it is released in more than 4500 screens & Air Asia launched a special aircraft for the fans, etc created more hype.

2. Poor Direction

Director Pa Ranjith failed in presenting a god-like Rajini and also giving an effective screenplay for the film, Kabali has very slow and steady screenplay.

3. Thin Story Line


The film has a routine story with not much power in it & the ‘taking’ was not so exciting either. Kabali would have been a classic, if Ranjith had concentrated more on a coherent screenplay instead of narrating the story as a documentary.

4. Slow Narration

What doesn’t work in Kabali is its slow pace and patchy narrations. There are moments when the film starts lagging and your attention wanders. For a movie that has lefts fans in a frenzy across the world, Kabali fails to live up to expectations because of this.

5. Only 2 Songs

Coming to Music, Santhosh Narayanan just lifted the film to different level with his BGM but the songs are not so impressive. Only 2 songs “Maya Nadhi” and Neruppu Da” got fantastic response.

6. No Catchy Point except Rajni Acting

Kabali cast

Rajinikanth puts up a performance like never before. Among other actors, Radhika Apte does her bit well. The love people have for Rajinikanth is like an axe. That’s it nothing else!

7. If you have ever watched Baasha and Lingaa, You Don’t Need to Watch this

It nearly seems Rajinikanth has been cut out of his older films like Baasha & Lingaa and placed in this frame. There is no freshness in this film.

8. No Proper Action Scenes

Director has completely failed to meet Rajini fans expectations. It gives feel that movie lacks the much hyped Rajni’s flavour. Except climax, the action sequences are a crashing bore.

9. No Commercial Elements and Locations

Technically, Murali’s cinematography is top notch that he has shown Malaysia in a different angle. But there is no need to waste a lot of money for this film as there are no such commercial elements in it. All the locations in the songs are also average.

10. Not Even worth watching it Online

Rajinikanth's Kabali Movie Introduction Scene Leaked Online

All of you know that, the movie has leaked online before it’s release. The film’s introductory scene has gone viral across social media and was among the most shared videos. But it is not even worth watching online.

The Only Positive – Superstar Rajinikanth Sir

Perhaps the only reason to watch the movie is to admire the presence and charisma of the one and only Thalaivar! He is make you stick on to your seats and never turn your head when he’s on screen. The entry, the dialogues, the BGM, the emotional scenes and every move by the superstar is a superhit! Watching him on screen is a treat to all his fans! You’ll love every bit of him!

Overall, its a big disappointment for all the movie lovers. To be frank, the promotions made hike in expectations and delivered movie wasn’t upto the mark. Even his screen presence couldn’t attract many audience and failed to a major extent.

Truly Disappointed Rajinikanth Fan & Movie lover.

Disclaimer: The points are solely for informational purpose and the views of the author. We are neither against nor supporting anyone or anything.


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