78-year-old coronavirus patient confirmed dead woke up moments before she was due to be cremated

An elderly coronavirus patient from India that was confirmed dead reportedly woke up moments before she was due to be cremated.

Shakuntla Gaikwad tested positive for the virus at the beginning of this month.

She isolated inside her house with hopes of recovering without any complications. But that was not how it went.

The woman, who is 78, started to develop severe symptoms while she was isolating inside her house.

Her family ended up calling an ambulance to take her to a hospital in Baramati, Mudhale, India, where she lives.

But because of the ongoing shortage in the country, no bed was found.

She fell unconscious in the ambulance and the staff told her that she had passed away.

After the staff confirmed her death, the family spread the tragic news of her passing.

Gaikwad was then taken back to her village for her cremation and the last rites of the family.

But things took a dramatic turn.

Moments before she was set to be cast into the fire, she opened her eyes and started to cry out loud.

After what happened, her family was left in shock.

The woman was rushed to the Silver Jubilee Hospital in Baramati for further medical treatment.

The current health or condition of the woman was not shared with the public.

The close brush with death comes as India is in the middle of a deadly wave.

As of writing this, India is registering around 300,000 coronavirus cases on a daily basis and is registering 4000 deaths.

The country is experiencing a healthcare system collapse right now.

People who test positive for the virus are not finding beds or access to oxygen because hospitals are packed up.

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