2-Year-Old Tamil Nadu Boy Declared Dead After Getting Trapped In 88-Feet Borewell For Over 80 Hours

Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu: A 2-year-old boy who fell into a borewell on Friday has been declared dead by authorities.

Authorities declared the 2-year-old boy dead on the morning of October 29, 2019.

The dead body of Sujith Wilson reportedly decomposed inside the borewell. Rescue operations were ongoing, but it was called off after authorities confirmed the boy was dead.

A digging tunnel operation was also called off after authorities confirmed that the boy was dead.

Last night, authorities said that it would take over 12 more hours to take the 2-year-old boy out of the borewell.

The 2-year-old boy died after spending around 4 days in the tunnel. The boy didn’t have access to any food or water for nearly 4 days.

Authorities have retrieved the dead body of Sujith Wilson from the tunnel and have sent it for an autopsy.

J. Radhakrishnan, the principal secretary of the Transport Department and the Relief Commissioner’s office, said, “The 2-year-old boy’s body is now in a decomposed state. We tried our best to rescue him but unfortunately, foul smell has started coming from the borewell in which the child had fallen. The digging process has been stopped.”

Wilson, the 2-year-old boy, was playing near the borewell on October 25, 2019, when he fell into the abandoned borewell.

Authorities had a hard time in rescuing the 2-year-old boy due to the complex rocky terrain, and because they had to drill a parallel tunnel to reach the boy.

Authorities also had a hard time in providing oxygen supply to the boy.

Sujith was initially trapped in a 26 feet borewell and after a first attempt of pulling him up by using a rope, they ended up throwing him further down.

After their first failed attempt, Sujith ended up stuck at 88 feet.

It is believed that the abandoned borewell is around 600 to 1000 feet deep.

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