55-Year-Old Father Arrested For Stabbing Pregnant Daughter To Death Over Lover Marriage

Mumbai: Just one day after the police found a dead pregnant 20-year-old woman on a footpath in Ghatkopar, the police arrested the woman’s 55-year-old father as the primary suspect of the said crime.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Ramkumar Chourasiya, the 55-year-old father, was not happy with the love marriage of Minakshi, the 20-year-old pregnant woman.

Ramkumar Chourasiya, the father of Minakshi, lives in Matunga, Central Mumbai and owns a Paan Shop near their house.

Investigations revealed that Minakshi married the man she loved for 4 years without the consent of her father.

The police found the 20-year-old woman on July 14, 2019, on a footpath in Narayan Nagar.

Officials said that the throat of the woman was slit and had a number of stab wounds all over her body.

The police released a statement about the incident

The police said that during their “investigation”, they found out that Minakshi was supposed to meet her father and her in-laws during that day.

The husband of Minakshi said that his wife was going to meet her father in the area and would go with him to their home.

The police added that the father of Minakshi killed him on the evening of July 13, 2019, with a sharp weapon.

Further investigation is being done to find if anyone else was involved in the killing of 20-year-old Minakshi.

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