Caught On Cam: Sneaky Python Leaps Out Of Water Hole At Lightning Speed To Attack Deer

Pythons are deadly animals, considering the fact that they are huge and they have enough strength to choke a huge animal or even person out. What’s harder to accept is that some pythons are capable of swallowing a whole human.

Earlier this month, a huge python was seen fighting a cheetah, but the python lost that battle. But this time the python had its luck.

In a video that was shared by Susanta Nanda, an officer of the Indian Forest Services, you can see a deer drinking water in a water whole, where a python was resting and waiting to catch its huge lunch.

A couple of seconds into the video, the huge python leaps out of the pond and grabbed the deer by its neck and pulling it towards the water.

According to Nanda, the incident happened at the Central Chanda Division in Maharashtra.

Talking about the incident, Mr. Nanda said, “When pythons kill prey, they use a kind of ambush technique by jumping & striking the prey, grabbing it with their teeth in around 50 milliseconds only.”

Explaining the attack, Nanda said a python is capable of attacking a prey with their deadly strike un nearly 50 milliseconds, which is almost equivalent to a blink of an eye.

The video that was shared by Nanda has over 24.3 thousand views, over 1.5 thousand likes, and over 610 retweets.

Here are some of the comments users made on Twitter:

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