Caught On Cam: SUV Of UP Government Official Runs Over Farmer’s Vegetables At Market

In a video that is currently viral on social media, you can see a white SUV, which belongs to a senior government official in Uttar Pradesh, running over the vegetables of a farmer.

According to reports, the incident happened at a government-owned market in Hapur District, which is 73 kilometers away from New Delhi.

Preliminary investigations found out that the farmer was selling vegetables without permission on the property of the market.

The video shows the vehicle of Sushil Kumar, the secretary of the market, reversing and running over the vegetables of the farmer.

In the video, you can see people removing plastic baskets.

According to reports, the driver of Mr. Kumar was driving the vehicle when the incident happened, and Kumar was in the market.

Sushil Kumar was on a surprise visit at the vegetable market on November 16, 2019, when the incident happened.

Talking about the incident, officers said that they have told the farmers to sell their vegetables inside the market and not on the road as it causes traffic.

The local-government also told the farmers to apply for licenses to sell the vegetables, but no one followed their orders.

Authorities brought in the driver and told him not to do such things.

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