Cut Into Pieces: Body Parts Of CPIM Leader Found In West Bengal

The West Bengal police found the dismembered body parts CPIM Leader Subhash Chandra Dey in 2 different places in Birbhum District of West Bengal.

Authorities have also arrested a couple for being involved in the killing.

58-year-old Subhash Chandra Dey was a resident of Nanoor, Birbhum.

According to reports, the body parts of Dey were found in Dubrajpur, which is located 70 kilometers away from Birbhum.

Shyam Singh, the Superintendent of the Birbhum Police, said, “Two persons were arrested in connection with the murder. The parts of the body have been recovered. Prima facie, an extramarital affair could be the motive behind the murder.”

Some of the dismembered body parts of Dey were found in 2 gunny sacks that were buried in the bank of the Ajay River.

Other parts were found in a nearby agricultural field.

The body parts were found in an area that falls under the jurisdiction of the Dubrajpur Police Station.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Dey, who is an insurance broker by profession, visited the house of the couple on Friday.

The police said Dey went to the house of the couple, where he found them in a compromising position.

The husband reportedly hit Dey with an iron rod, which killed him right away.

The body parts of Dey were chopped off and were placed in 2 gunny bags, which were buried in 2 different areas.

The couple confessed to the police that they committed the crime.

More information is awaited from the police.

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