Entire Family Hospitalized After Local Prankster Gave Them Bag Of Weed To Add In Curry

Uttar Pradesh, India: An entire family from UP was rushed to a hospital after they accidentally mixed a huge bag of marijuana into their curry.

According to reports, the weed was given to them by a local prankster, who told them that it was fenugreek, a famous herb that is added in curries.

Authorities from Kannauj, India, said that the family bought the bag of marijuana from Nawal, a local.

Nitesh, a victim, said that he got the herb to his sister, who added it into a potato curry called Aloo-methi.

Authorities said that 6 family members and the sister consumed the curry.

Nitesh, Om Prakash, his father, and Manoj, Kamlesh, Arti, and Pinki, his siblings, fell ill within hours of eating curry.

The family alerted their neighbors, who called paramedics as the family went unconscious.

Nagendra Kumar Pathak, a local police officer that is investigating the incident, said:

We have seized the weed, besides the curry from the house of Om Prakash and sent samples of the same for laboratory test. During interrogation, the accused Nawal confessed that it was a prank he played on Nitesh. The family is out of danger and further investigations are underway.

A local talked about the incident and said:

After heavy consumption of the drug, the family started losing consciousness but happened to inform their neighbours before passing out. They were rushed to a hospital where all six of their conditions remain stable.

The incident is said to have happened on June 27, 2020.

Weed plays a huge role in the daily activities of Indians, especially in the Hindu Religion. The most common use of marijuana in India is Thandai, a milkshake that is laced with cannabis seeds and leaves, which is consumed during Holi, Shivratri, Hola Mahala, and other major festivals.

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