Full Video: School In Assam Collapses And Gets Carried Away By The Strong Current Of Brahmaputra River

Assam has been experiencing heavy rainfall for several days, the intense rain has caused flash floods that have affected over 1.5 million people and has caused the death of 7 people.

The flood has damaged more than 27,000 hectares of agricultural land, and in its most recent damage, the rain caused a school in Morigaon District collapse.

A video went viral and showed a school collapse and gets carried away by the strong current of the Brahmaputra River.

Reports suggest that the incident happened on July 12, 2019 evening in the Tengaguri area of the Morigaon District of Assam.

The Brahmaputra River is currently over the average water levels, in the video above, you can see how the school collapsed and how it got carried away by the strong current of the river.

The Dikhow River, Dhansiri River, Jia Bharali River, Puthimari River, and Beki River are currently flowing over the average water levels.

The government of Assam claims that over 1.5 million people have been affected in 25 districts of Assam.

Officials added that the number of casualties and affected could increase as the weather department of the state has confirmed that the state will see more rainfall in the coming days.

Authorities said that more than 20,000 people have been evacuated to 68 relief camps and have been provided shelter.

The Barpeta District of Assam is currently the most affected in the 2019 Flash Floods, officials said that more than 500,000 people have been affected.

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