“Had To Run Naked Until Rescue Came”: Teen Kidnapped, Beaten, And Raped By 3 Drunk Men In India

Bhilwara, Rajasthan: Authorities have arrested the 3 men who kidnapped, thrashed, and raped a teen on September 9, 2019.

The teen, her cousin, and her close friend were returning from a carnival in Bhilwara and were on their way to a Hindu Temple when 3 men came and stopped them.

The men kidnapped the teen and brought her to a secluded spot where they raped her and brutally beat her up.

The cousin of the girl managed to escape the men and rushed to a market in the area and told everyone about the teen being attacked and raped.

A shopkeeper decided to help the teen and reached to the spot and saw the men raping and thrashing the girl.

After seeing the shopkeeper, the men flew away.

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The shopkeeper then informed the police about the incident.

The shopkeeper said that the girl was traumatized by the incident and ran at least 500 meters without clothes while she was crying.

Harendra Mahwar, a police officer for the Bhilwara Police, said that the girl was stopped by the 3 men while they were drinking by the road.

Officer Mahwar said the cousin and the friend of the girl managed to escape the men, but the teen was left behind.

The men then brought her to an isolated area and was raped and beaten up.

The police have registered a case against the 3 men, who are now under the custody of the police, and are facing charges under the Indian Penal Code, the POCSO Act, and the Sexual Crimes Against Children and Atrocity Against Scheduled Castes.

The police recovered blood stains, liquor bottles, and broken bangles from the spot where the incident happened.

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