Hero Little Boy Saves Grandmother During Horrible Bull Attack In India

Footage that is viral on social media right now shows an elderly woman walking down a road with her grandson and being attacked by a bull in India.

Instead of just running away and leaving her grandmother, the boy stayed and rushed to save his grandmother from a mad bull after she was attacked.

The incident happened in the Mahendragarh area of Haryana in India.

Footage that was shared on social media shows the woman walking down a road when the bull charged at her and knocked her over to the ground.

After realizing that her grandmother had been attacked, the boy went right away to the mother and helped her right away.

The boy was also kicked by the mad bull, but after that, the bull ran away.

The boy helped his grandmother stand up and after taking a number of steps, the bull attacked them again and both of them fell on the ground.

After the second attack, people living in the area came out of their houses to help the woman and the small kid.

As a result of the attack, 3 people were injured, said ANI, a news agency in India.

The incident happened on September 28, 2020, confirmed the news agency.

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