Hindu Mahasabha Chief Says Coronavirus is An Avatar To Punish ‘Non-Vegetarians’

The epic Coronavirus has become a worldwide worry with a complete number of deaths crossing 1,700 and in excess of 71,000 individuals being contaminated around the world. Be that as it may, even as researchers and scientists proceed with the battle to discover an immunization to control the deadly Infection, Hindu Mahasabha accepts that the new Infection isn’t an infection, however, a furious “avatar” to punish non-veggie lovers.

“Corona isn’t an infection, but an avatar for the insurance of poor animals. The avatar has come to give the message of punishment and death to the person who eats them,” said the National President of All India Hindu Mahasabha, Swami Chakrapani.

Strangely, the pioneer even drew a relationship with Lord Narsingh taking an avatar to execute an evil spirit with that of Chinese being “showed a thing or two” of not “tormenting animals and turning to a vegetarian diet.”

Hindu Mahasabha Chief Says Coronavirus is An Avatar To Punish ‘Non-Vegetarians’
Hindu Mahasabha Chief Says Coronavirus is An Avatar To Punish ‘Non-Vegetarians’

The Swami even asserted that there is an exit plan for the Chinese to handle the Infection.

Swami Chakrapani said Chinese head Xi Jinping should “make an idol of Corona and look for mercy.” He urged that every single Chinese individual should “promise of not hurting any innocent animals from now on. At that point, the anger of the avatar will deteriorate.”

Facilitating his humiliating proclamation, he included, if the Chinese follow his solution, the “avatar” will “return to his realm.”

The Hindu Mahasabha Chief guaranteed Indians of not being terrified of the lethal Infection, even as it has just affected three lives in the nation.

As per him, “God-worshipping and Gau Raksha follower Indians” are safe to Coronavirus effects.

His peculiar explanation was met with slow claps on Twitter. Individuals via social media networking websites said that people have been eating animal meat for a very long time now and that there isn’t space for “nonsense.”

PETA, the animal rights association, has connected the infection episode to animals. “Specialists conjecture that the episode may have started in a market in Wuhan, China, where people have direct contact with animal meat and live animals,” it had expressed.

But the shocking twist by Hindu Mahasabha chief in this matter of coronavirus infection is nothing but embarrassing.

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