India: Cow Vigilantes Beat Muslim Driver With A Hammer As The Police Watched In Silence

New Delhi, India: An unarmed man was savagely beaten, kicked, and hit multiple times with a hammer just because he was carrying beef by around two dozen members allegedly belonging to a Cattle Protection Unit (CPU).

The incident reportedly happened in the early morning of July 31, 2020, in Gurgaon.

A video of the disturbing incident was also shared with the public.

According to reports, a group of cow vigilantes chased a pick-up truck for about 8 kilometers before they stopped it.

Lukman Khan, the driver, was pulled out and brutally assaulted for the fact that he was transporting buffalo meat.

Gurgaon’s Additional Commissioner of Police Pritpal Singh said that they have identified more people in the incident and are now looking to arrest them.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Lukman was thrown in a pick-up truck after being beaten and was brought to the Badshahpur Village of Gurgaon.

He was thrown out and was beaten again.

The police were brought to the scene, however, they did not stop the assailants.

Lukman was brought to a hospital in the city, where he was treated for the injuries that he sustained from the incident.

The police have filed a complaint for the incident against unidentified individuals.

Lukman was just a driver of the vehicle.

The owner of the vehicle that Lukam was driving said that they have been in the buffalo meet business for over 50 years.

Tahir, the market association president of Sadar Bazaar meat market, said that Khan came to the market on the morning of Friday, however, some men came and kidnapped him.

Tahir said he heard that Khan was brought to the Badshahpur area where he was brutally beaten.

Tahir added:

Lukman has been supplying buffalo meat in Sadar Baazar market for an year. He was not carrying beef.

The current health condition of Khan remains unknown.

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