India: Massive 10-Foot Python Rescued By Experts After Getting Caught In Tire Of Car, Caused Traffic Jam On National Highway

A 10-foot massive python was rescued by the authorities from the tire of a car after it accidentally got stuck there.

The incident happened in Mumbai on Monday this week.

The python reportedly caused a traffic jam in the Maharashtra capital as it slithered across a busy road and hid under a car.

A video of the incident is currently viral on the internet right now.

Susanta Nanda, an Indian  Forest Officer, was the one that shared the video of the incident on Twitter to his huge fan following.

In the video, you can see snake catchers working together to remove the snake from where it was caught in the tire.

They had to remove the tire of the car to free the python and carried it out to the side of the road to let the traffic flow again.

A police official said that the python caused a traffic jam on the Eastern Express Highway on Monday morning.

Car drivers and motorcyclists stopped to look at the nearly a 10-feet long snake trying to cross the road.

The massive python was rescued by snake catchers and was handed over to the local forest department.

It is said that the snake was released in a forest in Thane district.

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