Indian Farmer Paints Tiger Stripes On Dog To Stop Monkeys From Destroying His Crops

A farmer from Shivamogga, Karnataka, decided to paint tiger stripes on his pet dog so it can stop monkeys from destroying his crops.

Srikanta Gowda, a man from Naluru Village, Thirthahalli Taluk, ended up painting his dog with tiger stripes after he saw a farmer using a tiger doll to scare animals away.

Gowda said he saw a farmer near Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district 4-years-ago using a tiger-like doll as a form of a scarecrow.

Gowda decided to do the same thing on his farm.

He placed a scarecrow that looked like a tiger on his farm and he did find out that monkeys avoided coming to his farm.

He did the same thing on the other parts of his farm and saw the same results. But he realized that this tactic won’t work for too long.

Thinking thoroughly, the farmer ended up coming with an idea.

Gowda ended up painting his dog like a tiger.

Talking with the local news agencies in India, Gowda said he used hair dye on his dog and it lasted for over a month.

He said this tactic was more effective than the fake tiger scarecrow.

Call me crazy, but if it works why not do it?

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