Indore Cop Helps Underprivileged 12-Year-Old Boy To Study During Night So He Could Join The Police Force

Indore, India: An underprivileged 12-year-old boy’s will to join the police has caught the attention of a police officer, who helps the kid during the night so he could become one of them.

Station House Officer Vinod Dikshit, who gives the boy daily tuition classes in Indore, and a 12-year-old boy work every night together.

Raj, the boy, crossed paths with the police officer when he was patrolling in his neighborhood during the coronavirus lockdown.

Little did he know that it would change his life.

During an interview with the press, Officer Dikshit said:

During the lockdown, I was patrolling the notorious area where the boy lives when he came up to me. He told me that he wants to become a police officer. He said he wanted to study but could not afford tuitions.

Raj, whose father is a laborer and grandfather a roadside vendor, has only 1 goal, which is to join the Indian Police Force.

Explaining his love for the force, Raj said:

During the lockdown, I saw how the cops were working towards the cause and it inspired me. That is when I decided that I too want to become a policeman and approached uncle Ji (Dikshit), who offered to teach me.

However, the journey of Officer Dikshit and Raj has not been an easy one.

The 2 do not have a room, chairs, or desks to work on.

In order to help the class 12 student, Officer Dikshit has been teaching Raj English and Maths near ATMs and sometimes even on the bonnet of the police vehicle.

Dikshit said:

Whenever I am around the locality, he spots me and wherever there is light, we sit or stand to study there. I have taught many children in Dhar and Ratlam when I was posted there. Some of them have even joined the police force.

Officer Dikshit says he has a goal, and that goal is to help underprivileged kids to achieve their dreams in life.

This has to be one of the best news this year!

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