Kerala: Woman civil police officer dies after being set on Fire by colleague who is also a civil police officer

34-year-old Soumya Pushpakaran, a woman civil police officer in Alappuzha, Kerala, passed away on June 15, 2019, after she was set on fire by her colleague, who is also a civil police officer.

The police said the police officer set her on fire when she was going back to her home after finish her duty.

The 34-year-old police officer passed away on the spot.

Ajas, the civil police officer who set the woman on fire, sustained 40 percent burn injuries. He is currently in an ICU of a hospital in the district.

Soumya was on her way home on her 2 wheeler, when Ajas, the police officer who set her on fire, chased her with a car that he rented out and rammed it into her scooter.

The police officer then attacked her and poured petrol over her and set her on fire.

34-year-old Soumya Pushpakaran has three kids.

The police are still trying to figure out what led Ajas to do such a thing.

More details about the case are going to be posted.

The police will also release an official statement about the incident.

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