Retired police Inspector and wife found living with daughter’s one-month-old dead body

A retired police inspector and his wife were found living with their daughter’s one-month-old dead body, which was decomposing, in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.

The neighbors of the police inspector informed the police about the incident.

The neighbors of Dilawar Siddiqui, the retired police inspector, complained about a smell that was coming out form their house.

When the police came and searched the house, they found the dead body of their daughter.

The decomposing body has been sent for an autopsy.

Prakash Swarup Pandey, the Superintendent of Police, said that the couple seems to have mental health issues.

Officer Pandey added that the couple kept telling the investigating police officers that their daughter was alive and was just sleeping.

The autopsy report of Siddiqui’s daughter will reveal the exact cause of her death.

The neighbors of Siddiqui said that they never got in touch with anyone and were always staying away from people.

The police will take further action after the autopsy report of the deceased will come back.

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