Soda Factory Owner In India Killed After He Refused To Pay For The Surgery Cost Of Employee’s Wife

Dinesh Gupta, an owner of a soda factory in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, was killed by his employee after he refused to pay for his wife’s surgery cost.

Authorities found the dead body of Dinesh Gupta inside the do factory on Sunday night after his family members registered a missing complaint at the local police station.

The family members said Dinesh left the house in the afternoon but never came back.

Gyanendra Kumar Singh, the Superintendent of Police, said they have arrested the main accused.

The killing of Dinesh Gupta triggered massive protests in Mathura and demanded the immediate arrest of the people who are involved in the killing.

Officer Singh said the accused used an iron rod in killing the factory owner.

The rod has been recovered by the police.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the employee worked at the soda factory for the last 3 decades.

Authorities recovered Rs. 88,000 in cash and bank documents from the main accused.

The accused confessed the crime to the police.

The accused said he decided to kill Dinesh after he refused to give him money for his wife’s surgery.

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