Stray Dog Barks At People Who Disobey The Rules Of A Railway Station In India

After it was abandoned by its owners, a dog in Chennai went on a mission to help save lives of people that travel through train.

A dog in Chennai is mostly seen with the Railway Protection Force personnel at the Park Town railway station, helping to save the lives of many.

The Park Town railway station in Chennai is one of the biggest railway stations in the city.

According to reports, the dog barks at the passengers who do not follow the rules of the railway station.

The dog reportedly barks at commuters who cross the unmanned railway crossings or get out of the trains when they’re still running.

A daily commuter who has seen the kinds acts of the dog said, “The dog barks at the passengers who try to board or deboard a running train, and those who are traveling on the footboard.”

The dog also barks at commuters who cross the railway tracks, which is not allowed.

Many people say the dog is doing a good job of saving the lives of many people.

According to the staff of the Park Town railway station and the daily commuters, the dog never attacked anyone.

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