Stray Dog Cries After Kind Stranger Feeds Him On The Street

During our lowest point in life, people that were with us will forever be in our hearts and we would do everything for them.

The same thing applies to animals, especially stray ones.

A stray dog in China is currently viral on social media right now, and the reason behind their story is really touching.

The dog was caught on cam dropping tears of joy after a kind stranger came and fed them some food.

Yes, that happened and I’m crying right now.

The dog was reportedly found wandering near a park in the city of Jingzhong, Shanxi, which is in the province of North China.

The incident happened earlier this week.

The video was shared by a kind woman, who also refused to be identified.

The video that they shared showed a small dog standing on their hind legs while swinging their front legs acting like they were begging for food.

The canine appears to be in tears when the woman gave him sausage.

The best thing about this story is that the woman came back to the area to help the dog again.

The next day, the woman went back to the park to find the dog, and the dog was there, waiting for the woman.

As soon as the woman brought the snacks out of the bag, the dog was seen getting teary again.

During an interview with the local news agencies, the woman said:

Me and my friends were on the way to a park when we saw the stray dog. He started crying when we gave him food and I tried to put him in our car one time, but he refused and jumped back on the street. The dog feared that we would grab him like the dog snatchers because that’s what they would do – luring the dogs to the minivan with food before fleeing.

On December 23, 2020, the woman said that she went back to find the dog again, but the dog was not there anymore.

The woman said that she will be coming back to the area to find the dog again in order to help them.

The video of the entire incident was shared on Douyin, which is a Chinese equivalent of TikTok.

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