Super Cyclone Amphan: Minutes After Passing Over Bhubaneswar, The Sky Turned Pink And Purple

Sky Turns Pink And Purple After Super Cyclone Amphan Pass Over Odisha And West Bengal

India: Cyclone Amphan, which is considered as one of the worse cyclones that have hit India, left India with pink and purple skies after it passed over Odisha.

Images of purple and pink skies were shared on social media to show everyone how amazing the skies look like after the massive cyclone passed over West Bengal and Odisha on Wednesday.

Residents said that the purple and pink skies were a pleasant sight for them after having to endure a number of hours with the fast winds and rain brought by the Cyclone Amphan.

In Odisha and West Bengal, uprooted trees, broken windows, and damages to vehicles and infrastructures were seen as a result of the deadly cyclone.

Around 500,000 people in West Bengal were rushed to safety before the deadly cyclone hit the state.

In Odisha, around 100,000 people were brought to safety before the cyclone could hit the state.

According to the NDRD (National Disaster Response Force), around 72 people died in Bengal as a result of the cyclone.

Since 1999, Cyclone Amphan is the second super cyclone that has hit the states of Bengal and Odisha.

In 1999, nearly 10,000 people died after the state of Odisha was hit with a super cyclone.


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