Teacher In India Suspended After Video Of Him Smoking “Beedi” In Class Went Viral

Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh: A teacher in a primary school in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, was suspended after a video, which showed him smoking a “beedi” inside a classroom” went viral on Social Media.

In the video, the teacher could be seen lighting up a beedi and smoking it in front of his primary students inside a classroom during school hours.

Ajay Kumar, the District Basic Education Officer of Uttar Pradesh, said he sent an officer to the school to identify the teacher in the video.

After an officer identified the teacher, Officer Kumar decided to suspend the teacher.

Officer Kumar cleared out that smoking is prohibited inside classrooms.

During an interview with ANI, Officer Ajay Kumar Said, “Video of a teacher smoking inside the classroom had gone viral on social media. I had sent the division education officer to the school to confirm the identity of the teacher. After his face matched with the person in the video, I suspended him.”

He added, “Teachers have a huge impact on students. They shouldn’t smoke at all.”

What do you think about this incident? Should the teacher be removed from his job or a suspension was enough? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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