The Oldest Man To Ever Live: Staff Of Abu Dhabi Airport Shocked After Realizing Indian Man Is 123-Years-Old

The staff at the Abu Dhabi Airport were shocked after a man came in through a terminal and his passport claimed he was 123-years-old.

According to the passport of Swami Sivananda, he was born on August 8, 1896, which makes him 123-years-old.

Swami, who is from Behala, India, was traveling from India to London through an Ethihad Airways and had to make a stop in Dubai for a connecting flight.

When coming down, the staff at the airport realized that he was really old.

If the date that is listed on the passport of Mr. Sivananda is correct, he would turn out to be the oldest man and person who have ever lived!

According to the reports, the parents of Mr. Sivananda passed away when he was young, and his relatives gave him away to a spiritual guru when he was 6-years-old.

Authorities are still baffled with the fact that Mr. Sivananda is actually 123-years-old, especially with the fact that the one and only record of his age is coming from a register of a religious temple.

When he is asked about why he looks so young, he says it’s because of celibacy, discipline, and yoga.

He said, “I lead a simple and disciplined life. I eat very simply – only boiled food without oil or spices, rice and boiled daal (lentil stew) with a couple of green chillies.”

Mr. Sivananda sleeps on a mat on the floor and uses a wooden slab as a pillow.

He said he doesn’t eat milk or fruits because they’re fancy.

Mr. Sivananda said he has been trying to have his age and status confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records for 3 years, but the records said they are having a hard time proving is age.

Sivananda was born in an era when India didn’t have electricity or other fancy technology.

Mr. Sivananda says he likes being alone because it makes him happy.

Explaining his unique way of living, he said, “Earlier people were happy with fewer things. Nowadays people are unhappy, unhealthy and have become dishonest, which pains me a lot. I just want people to be happy, healthy and peaceful.”

The oldest living person who is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records is Kane Tanaka of Japan, he is 116 years old and 278 days.

The oldest person to live ever was Jeanne Louise Calment from France, who lived for 122 years and 164 days.

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