This 13-Year-Old Indian Boy Has Written Over 130 Books And Has Received An Offer From The World University of Records In London

13-year-old Mrigendra Raj, from Uttar Pradesh, has written over 130 books that are about religions and biographies of well-known personalities of India.

The thirteen-year-old child prodigy has also written a biography book about Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

According to the parents of Raj, he started to write books when he was only 6-years-old and added that his first book was about poems.

Raj also has four world records that are set by him.

Raj currently holds the record of “Youngest To Author Most Biographies”, so far, Raj has authored 53 biographies.

Raj says, “I have written books after analyzing 51 characters of the Ramayana. Each of my books runs into 25 to 100 pages. I even received an offer from the World University of Records in London for a doctorate.”

The mother of Raj works as a teacher in a private school in Sultanpur, and his father works in a Sugar Industry and Cane Development Department.

The mother of Raj says that her son has always been interested in writing.

When Raj was asked about what he wanted to become once he grows up, he said that he would like to become a writer and wants to tackle and write books on new subjects and topics.

His books have been exhibited in a program that was organized by Divya Bharat Nirman Trust and Saptrang Seva Simiti.

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