Turkmenistan President Unveils Massive 50ft Golden Statue Of His Favorite Dog Breed

The leader of Turkmenistan recently unveiled a massive 50ft golden statue of his favorite dog breed in order to pay tribute to them.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, the President of Turkmenistan, revealed the massive sculpture of Turkmen Alabi, a dog breed.

He did this earlier this week, on a Wednesday, during a ceremony.

This is not the first time the President of the country has showed his love for dogs and the breed.

He often dedicates books and poems to the dogs.

The ruler came into power in 2007.

He also gifted a rare Alabi puppy to Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia.

According to the government of Turkmenistan, the huge golden statues stand around 20ft tall and are covered in 24-carat gold leaf.

Yes, real gold.

It has been placed in a new area of Ashgabat, the capital city of Turkmenistan.

The new area is home to civil servants, schools, cinemas, wedding venues, sports grounds, white marble apartment buildings, and other infrastructure.

In a press release that was issued by the government, they said that the statue was respect and honor to the courage and cordial heart of these wonderful animals.

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