Uttar Pradesh: Stray Dog Sneaks Into Operation Room, Drags Newborn Boy Out, And Kills It

A newborn baby was dragged out of an operation room of a private hospital in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, and was killed by a stray dog.

The incident reportedly happened in the Akash Ganga Hospital in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, on Monday.

Kanchan, the mother of the newborn, was brought to the hospital in the early hours of Monday.

The family of Kanchan said the hospital never showed them the baby boy.

They later found out that their baby boy was dragged out of the operation theater by a dog.

The family is blaming the staff of the hospital for complete negligence.

Ravi, the husband of Kanchan, registered an FIR (First Information Report) against a doctor of the hospital and its staff.

Ravi Kumar said, “Initially, the hospital’s nursing staff informed us that a normal delivery will be conducted, but moments later after consulting the doctor, they told us that my wife had to go for a caesarean. So, they took her to the operation theatre, and an hour later, they informed us that the operation was successful and my wife has been shifted to a ward, while the baby was still in the OT. They told me to wait outside.”

He added, “A few minutes later, the hospital staff came out shouting about the presence of a dog inside the OT. Sensing danger, I rushed to the OT and saw my child lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The newborn had dog bite marks on his chest and left eye. He was lying still with no movement. The dog again tried to enter the OT while I screamed for help for my kid.”

He continued, “I confronted the doctors and hospital staff for their inhuman treatment and negligence, but instead of feeling guilty, they offered me money and asked me to remain silent over the incident. They told me that my baby was stillborn and the dog had entered the OT by mistake.”

Anil Kumar Misra, the Superintendent of the Police, said the police have launched an investigation for the incident.

Officer Misra said action will be taken against the guilty after an investigation report will be submitted to them.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chandra Shekhar and City Magistrate Sunil Kumar Singh visited the Akash Ganga Hospital in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, and sealed it.

Manvendra Singh, the District Magistrate, said, “Our probe has found that due to the negligence of the hospital, the dog dragged away the baby and killed him. A committee comprising of doctors has been formed under the city magistrate, who will investigate as to how many illegal private hospitals are running in Farrukhabad. The report will be submitted in three days to me.”

Authorities have also seized the CCTV camera recordings of the hospital.

The administration of the hospital rejected the claims of Kanchan and Ravi, her husband.

The staff of the hospital said the baby was stillborn.

The Deputy CMO of the city, Rajeev Shakya, found out that the hospital was being run without any proper documents.

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