Varun Dhawan’s Reply To His Viral ‘8 Pack Abs’ Pic Is Completely Epic!

Varun Dhawan is one of the most promising stars in Bollywood right now. And with his upcoming film Dishoom nearing the release date, Varun looks fitter than ever. He took to twitter to share a picture of his eight-pack abs! However, apart from the 8-pack abs on his stomach, there was another ‘ab’ emerging elsewhere. Have a look!

But looks like people on twitter had nothing better to do. And then, this happened! (OUCH)

twitter reaction to Varun Dhawan 8-Pack Abs Pic

twitter reaction to Varun Dhawan 8-Pack Abs

He was just trying to show off his chiseled body and his 8 pack abs but Twitterati focused more on the ‘extra ab’.

Varun Dhawan Posted A Pic Of His 8-Pack Abs

The picture got an overwhelming response in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

But the best reply by far came from Varun to his extra ab picture:

And it’s completely Epic!

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