5 Best Car Cleaning Tips

One of the best qualities of contemporary cars is that it needs less frequent service to match your need for speed. Over the years, reliability has improved and warranties run comparatively longer than before.

Irrespective of all this, have you ever felt like your car is a complete lemon? Does it always break down in the middle of nowhere or is in constant need of repairs that ultimately leaves you broke?

If you are nodding to all these questions, it’s time to get to the bottom of the issue and fix it. Most cars will run longer than you expect them if you maintain it properly. So, follow these simple tips that will not only help your car function smoothly but also save you a lot of money:

1. Wash the Car: Before you even start, make sure you have a proper car-washing soap available. Don’t use any liquid detergent you find as this isn’t always good for your vehicle. Rinse your car first to remove anything that may leave a scratch. Then, using the right mitts, wash the exterior of the car. Remember to wash the windows carefully and wipe down twice to make sure it’s clean. It’s equally important to wash the wheels, therefore, while you scrub and shine the rest of the car, do not forget to clean the tires too.

2. Maintain the Car’s Interiors: Clear the stink of tobacco or food from your car by using aerosol spray on the seat, carpet and door panels. If you’ve got leather upholstery, it is advisable to buy a leather-cleaning kit that will help you remove stubborn stains. You can also vacuum the seats and deep-clean the carpets to get rid of dirt that has settled into its fibres.

3. Brush out the Air Vents: Air vents are real magnets for dust. It may seem quite difficult to get rid of them, but it honestly isn’t too hard. Just take a paintbrush and work it into the crevices to collect the dust. Later, you can also dust off the nooks and crannies and sweep off the accumulated particles with a detailing brush.

4. Change the Oil: It is important to know that you must change the oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If your car doesn’t have fresh oil, dirt may build up and gradually kill your engine.

5. Wax to Protect: Waxing adds a layer of protection from the UV rays. It is basically like sunscreen for your car. This protects the paint from fading and preserves the high-gloss finish.

After you’ve done all the washing, cleaning and waxing, keep a spray detailer and a clean cloth to quickly remove dust and other particles that may leave a permanent stain.

Apart from these tips, it is also advisable to buy car insurance policy that will easily cover major expenses involved in keeping your car running smoothly. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory for owners to have a car insurance in India. This is mainly because Indian roads experience heavy traffic, giving way to plenty of accidents. Therefore, before you hit the road again, make sure to buy car insurance online and protect yourself and your family from any unforeseen danger.

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