8 Ways In Which People Communicate With Spirits

In this fast running world no one has time to see ghost or even find out ways to communicate with them. But some people feel the intense need to communicate with someone who is dead. Usually, they desire to contact a loved one that they have lost or some simply harbor a fascination with death or the dead. Communicating with ghosts is possible but requires honing in on your own preferred method. Here we have listed 8 Ways In Which People Communicated With Ghosts in the past. Have a look!

Ways to Communicate With Spirits

Before communicating with spirit remember these things:

  • Avoid fear.
  • Make sure you are attempting to communicate with spirit for the right reasons.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs when communicating with spirits.
  • Avoid spirit communication when feeling negative, imbalanced or unhappy.

Now let us discuss 7 ways through which you can communicate with ghosts.

1# Using a Ouija Board (Or) Spirit Board

Ouija is a form of board which is used to communicate with the ghosts. It has symbols, numbers and other writings on it in order to communicate with the ghosts.

Ouija Board to communicate with spirits

Before you start the process, you need to pray first. You can pray to the God you believe in. Praying before this method clears out negativity and the whole process of communicating with the dead does not affect you. When you are done, you thank the spirits, make it clear the session is ended.

2# Starring in the mirror

According to the History, there was a girl Marry who was very beautiful and the best attraction of her was her lovely hair. Every night before going to bed she used to comb her hair 100 times and then sleep. Once a man came into her room and raped her and also cut her hair down. She could not resist and hanged herself from the window of her room.

Starring in the mirror to communicate with ghost

People believe that if in the midnight you stand near the mirror or stare, you can see her. Other then this there are many times when people have seen ghosts in the mirrors while washing their face or anything. They only appear on the mirror and disappears when you see them in real.

#3 Table Tipping

Table turning is another way through which we can find the existence of ghost or to communicate with them. You and whoever is doing it with you, sit around the table and place your hands on it, if the table rotates or moves then it is sure that there is someone around you.

Table tipping to communicate with ghosts

In this method you imagine a white light surrounding you. When you are done, make it clear you are done. This ends the process easily.

#4 Scrying

This is somewhat like crystal ball gazing. Usually there are these crystal, stones, glass, mirrors, water, fire or even smoke through which we can see the ghosts or either communicate with them. You have to be in a meditative state to make this work. Also, you need to be in a semi-darkened room with a candle.

Scrying to communicate with ghost

Eventually you will see a haze and then, if you can keep calm and not get excited, you should be able to access the spirit world successfully. Scrying is very common in almost every part of the world and people make use of it to depict their future.

#5 Séance

You need to do this in a group of like-minded people. This is because a group raises the energy vibration and allows contact with the spirit world to occur. Use a round or oval table. This helps create the symbolic circle believed necessary for the ritual.

Séance to communicate with ghost

People often hold hands during a séance and this is just to help focus the energy. The participants must speak these words together: “Our beloved [name of spirit], we bring you gifts from life into death. Commune with us, (name of spirit), and move among us.”

Communicate when the spirit responds. People often leave each other’s hands is because of the force of spirit. Focused concentration and a common goal is what makes séances work.

#6 Flashlight/Torch

Flashlight or Torch to communicate with ghost

This is a little harder method to talk to the ghosts. Take a flashlight and twist it just before it comes on. Set it down on a flat, solid surface then invite a spirit to come speak to you. Do yes and no with this one too. ‘Yes’ as an answer will turn on the torch, and ‘no’ as an answer will shut it off.

#7 Meditation

This method is totally based on your imagination and there’s nothing wrong with that. In a meditative state, you will be able to feel closely connected to the spirit world. This method usually contacts gently spirits. But don’t get too carried away or you can be in trouble.
Meditation to communicate with ghost

This kind of experience happens because when a person meditates it changes the vibration of their brain waves. The increase in these vibrations narrows the gap between the dimension humans live in and the next.

#8 Automatic Writing

In general, automatic writing is a way to channel a spiritual source and write their words without consciously doing it. While channeling some people stay in their actual position but some become unconscious and may not know what is going on. Sit quietly with your pen in hand and resting on the paper. Then wait for the pen to start moving.

Automatic Writing to communicate with ghost

You will write whatever the spirit is conveying here. In this method, a person’s who is doing it should have very good concentration. Spirits words enter in the person’s head as thoughts.

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