Virginia Man Buys 25 Identical Lottery Tickets, Ends Up Winning $125,000

Winning a lottery is something that everyone has once dreamt of in their lives, but only a very few get to live by winning the lottery itself.

Winning one is very hard, but one man managed to win 25 times.

Yep, you read that right, 25 times!

According to the Virginia Lottery, a man named Raymond Harrington won 25 plays in the Virginia Pick 4 lottery game after he purchased 25 identical tickets for $1. Each contained the same 4 digit combination, and he won in all of them.

Each ticket won him $5,000 top prize, so multiply that by 25 and you know the rest.

The man said he will not be spending the money for himself, instead, he will use it on the education of his 2 sons, who are in college.

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