9 Indian Temples And Shrines That Always Witness Strange Paranormal Happenings

A Temple, A Church and A Mosque are the structures designed to bring human beings and gods together, using symbolism to express the ideas and beliefs. When it comes to our country, India is dominated with Hinduism.

In India, people believe that there are evils, souls and demons on the earth. The deeper we go into the Indian Psyche or Spirit, the clearer it becomes that there is a certain form of belief in the supernatural. We often see and hear about the people under the control of an evil force. They visit temples, mosques and churches to get rid of those supernaturals.

People believe in if they go to places of worship, the evil force in them would disappear. So they go to different places to get rid of evil forces in them. These places, in turn, become synonymous with the paranormal and the downright eerie.

Here are some haunted Temples, Churches and Mosques in India:

1. Shree Kashtabhanjan Dev Hanumanji Mandir, Gujarat:

Devotees come to this temple to pay obeisance to Lord Hanuman, and to drive away evil spirits in them. The place is said to rid people of haunting ghosts and evil spectres.

2. Dattatreya Mandir, Gangapur, Madhya Pradesh:

This temple’s eerie would be an understatement. People visit this temple during the new moon and full moon days and once everyone assembles, the ‘Mahamangal Aarti ‘ begins. During this, people can be heard shouting, screaming and hurling abuses at the Gods, believing that evil spirits are within them. They even climb up the walls, hangs from roofs and ramparts.

3. Chandi Devi Temple, Haridwar:

Chandi Devi is believed as one of the violent forms of Devi. People visit this temple during Navaratri as it is another place for exorcisms and riddling of evils spirits. Especially during Navaratri, the presence of Devi is said to be so high that people get possessed.

4. Devji Maharaj Mandir, Madhya Pradesh:

People visit this temple to get rid of evil spirits in them especially during full moon day. People here are seen running and being brushed off with the holy broom. They light camphor on their palms believing that it gets rid of evil spirits in them.

5. Mahendipur Balaji Temple, Dausa, Rajasthan:

This temple is famous for its bad Joo Joo. People here perform self-punishment by pouring boiling water on themselves. This temple is one of the places in India where live exorcisms are still practised. People even chain themselves to the walls believing that it gets rid of evil spirits in them.

6. Harsu Bhram Temple, Bihar:

This temple is thought to be the home of a disappointed soul of a Brahmin who wants to be worshipped. People visit this temple to rid themselves of evil spirits.

7. Hazrat Syed Ali Mira Datar Dargah, Univa, Gujarat:

People visit this dargah who are mentally affected or possessed according to some people, for ages. People come here to drive evil spirits away, and there’s consequently a lot of strange goings on at the place. People chain themselves to the walls here to get rid of evil spirits. People from all religions, cast and creed are welcome.

8. Nizamuddin Dargah, Delhi:

When you break away from the crowded and tourist infested part of Dargah, there’s said to be a room here dedicated to the riding of evil spirits. Shrieks, yells and screams can be heard from that room, and it’s said that exorcisms have been performed there.

9. Sant Sabir Shah Dargah, Chainpur:

It’s a scary, unnerving place, filled to the brim with people thought to be in the control of a deviant spirit. Women offer prayers in a trance-like, otherworldly state, while men chain themselves to the walls in order to cure themselves here.

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