Lord Krishna Married 16,000 Women But He Didn’t Do The Same With Radha For This Reason

It is the enthralling theories and myths the Hinduism has, which surprises us day-to-day. There are enormous stories, plots, and facts that often spellbound us all the way to tickle the sense of curiosity about Hindu Mythology. Be it Ramayana, Mahabharata or other popularly sacred texts, every book carries heaps of stories, a handful of unearthed secrets and the mysteries that could stun everyone.

mahabharata war kauravas wives story

Coming to the epic tale Mahabharata, there are many stories with remained unfolded and do deserve another read. Starting with the interesting story of Draupadi, there is nothing less interesting than studying the post-Kurukshetra war stories, because they’re so far the lesser known facts.

We know various plots and interesting tricks played by Lord Krishna supporting Pandavas to which Kauravas were no match at all. However, the story of Draupadi being abducted is where it led to all these chaos. On a brief note, Kauravas suffered more than anything during the epic Kurukshetra war and all that they were left with is the widowed women and the kingdom in ruins, especially, the fates of Kauravas’ wives were simply not better.

Sri Krishna wives

Out of many interesting things, it is Radha, the eternal love of Lord Krishna who remains significant. Despite marrying 16,008 women, Krishna didn’t marry Radha. The story is not mentioned in Mahabharata which is earliest known text describing Krishna. Admiration and love for ‘Krishna the boy leader’ by men and women at Gokul (the village where he spent his childhood) whereas because of his charismatic leadership and attractive personality and his miraculous deeds. There was appearantly no romantic angle in that love , devotion and admiration then.

Laterday texts written many centuries later are written from spiritual point of view ( Bhagvat) . They poetically focusss and glorify this love and admiration. These texts initiated era of Bhakti movement on religious, cultural, spiritual landscape of Indian subcontinent . We are not sure how and when this all story got a twist inserted into it as story of two lovers.

Looks like to complete the representation of eternal interplay between purush and prakriti ( vishisthta advaita way of representation of supreme truth) the story and the icons are used.

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