Everything Rama Told Sita About Kalyug Is Happening Right Now, Know The Convo Here

t is the enthralling theories and myths the Hinduism has, which surprises us day-to-day. There are enormous stories, plots, and facts that often spellbound us all the way to tickle the sense of curiosity about Hindu Mythology. Be it Ramayana, Mahabharata or other popularly sacred texts, every book carries heaps of stories, a handful of unearthed secrets and the mysteries that could stun everyone. Coming to the former epic tale Ramayana, there are many stories with remained unfolded and do deserve another read.

In general, we often end up forgetting her fate after being swayed by Laxman, but, the story doesn’t end there. Sita’s abduction was avenged and Lord Rama emerged victoriously. However, there are parts of Ramayan which remained untold and are more curious when studied about. There’s a part in Ramayan in which Lord Rama narrates the Kalyug to Sita. This happened at her special request in Treta Yug to Lord Hari.

Once, while Lord Sri Ram was alone, Maa Sita asked Lord as what special types of Kalyug would be appearing after Dwapar Yug. Lord Ram had also once blessed Maa Vaishno Devi that he would come in the end of Kalyug and would kill all demons and wicked ppl. from earth. So, Maa Sita repeatedly asked such questions to Lord Ram as what special Kalyug would appear?

rama tells sita about kalyuhg

Lord Ram mentions these things about Kaliyuga to Mata Sita-

  • People will be drawn towards evil just like an ant is drawn towards sweets.
  • Corrupt and cruel will enjoy rulership and luxurious life (most of the time).
  • People filled with lust will become preachers ( baba Gurmeet).
  • Nice souls will suffer because of the supremacy of adharma.
  • Nobody will respect women and girls (most of the time).
  • Law will also favor the one who has money.
  • Material pleasures will become a topmost priority and no one will be interested in bhakti (most of the time).
  • Children would boycott and leave their parents helpless.
  • Pious sanskaar like marriage will also suffer because they will be based on material aspects.
  • People will disrespect parents, teachers and learned seers.
  • Mass killings and terrorism will rise.
  • Water will become the most expensive things on earth.

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