11-Year-Old Boy Electrocuted To Death While Playing On Bouncy Castle That Was Hire For Lockdown Fun

An 11-Year-old boy electrocuted to death while playing on a bouncy castle that was fired for lockdown fun.

According to reports, Pedre and Anele, were bouncing on the inflatable before their laughed turned to screams of horror.

The 11-year-old boy tripped over a generator.

The boy reportedly started to shake violently in front of his mother.

Rhodine de Beer, the mother, tried to pull him away.

The paramedics came to the home, but they were unable to save the boy.

The incident happened in the house of Rhodine in Heidelberg, South Africa.

A family friend of the parents said:

“Paul and Rhodine are devastated and Anele is lost without her big brother. The castle seemed a great idea for the kids and their friends to bounce on. There must have been a fault as you don’t just get killed if you touch the motor surely?”

The castle has been deflated.

According to reports, the castle is being examined by experts to see what caused the incident.

The family friend added:

“There must have been a short circuit or something that turned the motor live. That house is always full of fun but it will be a long time until they get over this tragedy.”

South African Police Service said that the family hired the bouncy castle for 3 weeks so their children could have fun during the lockdown.

The owners of the bouncy castle did not release a comment on the death of the youngster.

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