16-year-old kid helps disabled man on wheelchair to get home after Tornado siren sounds

Seth Phillips, a 16-year-old kid from St. Louis, is currently being praised for his kind act, the teen did something that no one was willing to do.

Seth saw a disabled man, who was trying to get back home on his wheelchair when the tornado siren went off, and instead of letting the man do all the hard work, Seth pushed his wheelchair and helped him get to safety.

The kid did the kind act when he was on his way home inside his mum’s car, when suddenly the tornado sirens sounded, which is known to be an indication that a dangerous tornado is approaching them.

16-year-old Seth asked his mother to stop their car so he could help the man who was on a wheelchair, as his home was on the hill.

The mother of Seth managed to take a video of what Seth did, she recorded it on her mobile phone.

During an interview with the Inside Edition, Seth said that life was “not doing that good for him”.

He added, “It just really hurt me to see him all by himself and just really sad. He was a double amputee and he needed help.”

The man who Seth helped is a double leg amputee and is legally blind. Seth said that he was having a tough time finding his way back home as he was alone.

Seth added, “He was just all by himself and alone and everybody was just driving by, cussing at him and honking at him and just yelling ignorant things towards him and that wasn’t right.”

The mother of Seth said that this is not the first time Seth has helped someone.

She said, “Believe it or not, this is not the first time Seth has asked me to help someone in need. Usually, it is an elderly person at the grocery store when we are out and about.”

The mother added, “I wasn’t totally shocked but the fact that the tornado sirens were going off and it was a little bit chaotic and seeing him struggle on the side of the street. … I was more than happy to pull over to let Seth help him. I actually have a grandfather who is a double amputee and I know the struggle that comes with that.”

Seth helped the man get to his home safely, Seth says that he wants people to remember his act of kindness so they could help other people on a regular basis.

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