Adorable Little Russian Girl Interrupts Newsreader Mother’s Live Broadcast

An adorable little girl interrupted her newsreader mother’s live broadcast so she could let her mother know that she got a message on her phone.

Watch the video of the incident below:

The cute moment was caught on camera during the live broadcast of TagilTV, a local channel in the city of Nizhny Tagil, Russia.

The video was originally filmed in 2012, but it went viral recently.

Anna Kizilova, the news anchor, can be seen reporting before her daughter interrupts into the shot holding out a phone to her mother.

Anna tried to move her daughter out of the shot, but the little girl had something to say.

In the video, the little girl could be heard saying, “But mum, you have a message.”

During an interview with CEN, the Central European News, Anna explained what happened.

Anna said, “I wasn’t married at the time and my mum lived on the other side of town so there was no one I could leave her with when I had to go to work.”

The employers of Anna found the whole thing funny.

The good thing about the incident was Anna didn’t get in trouble.

Anna said, “I was worried about losing my news role, but the producer asked the team about the public reaction and was told that it had been positive.”

Although the incident happened a couple of years ago, the clip resurfaced on social media recently.

Anna said, “I just posted the old video, filmed in 2012, not realizing it would be so popular. It quickly spread online and a local journalist was told about it and called me to ask for permission to use it.”

Anna said she came across the video when her boss asked her for videos or moments of the past decade.

Elizaveta, the girl in the video, is now 12 years old.

Elizaveta now wants to become an actor.

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