15-Foot Long Unidentified Sea Monster Washes Up On UK Beach

A 15 feet long sea monster that still remains unknown was recently spotted washed up on a beach in the United Kingdom.

The creature was reportedly spotted on the Merseyside beach in the UK on Wednesday this week.

It has left people and locals puzzled because no one knows what it is.

A local said:

It’s very bizarre. It’s like a mishmash of different things in one. It’s 15 feet long, it has flippers, it’s furry and it seems to have another creature attached, possibly via an umbilical cord, so it could have been giving birth. It was almost like a whale that had eaten a horse that had eaten a dolphin.

A man, who wants to stay anonymous, shared images of the beast on Facebook.

A woman that lives in the area, who is 32, said that the smell that is emitted by the dead animal.

The woman said:

I didn’t get too close because there were lots of flies and it stank. I made the mistake of going downwind as I worked my way around it and I nearly threw up. It was badly decomposed. It looked like there were three big mounds of bodily areas, all slightly different and unidentifiable to me. To me the body looked quite twisted with flaps of skin here and there. There was no identifiable head, which was strange – possibly it was underneath. What I believe to be rib bones were sticking out the top side of it. It looked like there was a large spine and it seemed to me that the vertebrae were showing through the skin.

Officials from the Natural England were also present at the scene to look at the remains of the animal.

Marine biologists from the University of Liverpool are also believed to look at the remains.

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