18-Year-Old Norwegian Teen Receives Death Threats After Admitting She Ate Her Own Horse After It Was Put Down

An 18-year-old Norwegian teenager received death threats after revealing out that she ate her own horse when it was put down.

She also said that it was some of the best meat she had ever eaten in her life.

18-year-old Pia Olden shared a story on Facebook, in which she explained how she and her family kept fillets of her stallion in the freezer after it was put down due to an illness last year.

Pia is also an apprentice chef, and she said she cooked the horse fillet meat with chili and mango.

On the post she made on Facebook, she said, “If I’m going to eat horse meat, it’s going to be my own.”

After making the post, Pia said she received a number of death threats.

The family of Pia works as farmers in Trøndelag, central Norway.

During an interview with Dagbladet, Pia said, “Many wrote that I too deserve to be killed for eating my own horse … One wrote that I should lose the right to have animals.”

Pia said that most of her critics were horse riders, mostly females.

Drifting Speed, the horse, was put down last year due to an illness, and Pia said it was better to eat her than to bury her and eaten by the worms.

Pia said growing up on a farm had allowed her to have a better relationship with animals and allowed her to understand meat differently.

The post was originally made by Pia on her personal profile, but someone shared it on a humor page, where people started to comment a lot.

People also told Pia to delete the original post.

The backlash she received didn’t change her decision.

Pia said horse meat is a delicacy, recalling it she said, “It was some of the best meat we have eaten.”

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