Outrage On Social Media Erupts As Stray Dog In Malaysia Is Painted To Look Like A Tiger

Outrage on social media has erupted after a stray dog in Malaysia was painted to look like a tiger, leaving everyone with anger.

The dog was covered in orange with black stripes before being returned to the streets.

The incident happened in Malaysia.

The Persatuan Haiawan Malaysia and the Malaysia Animal Association currently wants to track down the people that are responsible for the horrible incident.

Images of the poor stray dog were shared on social media after it was spotted in the streets.

The animal rights group called on members of the public to come forward if they have any lead or info about the people or person that did the horrible act.

A spokesperson of the association said:

Help Animal Malaysia identify the location and who this animal belongs to. A mystery reward awaits those who come forward with complete information on the incident.

In the images that were shared with the public, it is seen that the dog is painted in orange and black along with black stripes.

They did this to resemble a tiger as it walks along a town street.

It is unclear if the local authorities are also trying to track down the people or person that is behind the horrible crime.

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