2 Big Rats Have Human-Like Fight In Front Of Curious Cat

A viral video on Facebook shows an extremely rare moment where 2 big rats were seen having a human-like fight in front of a cat below her building block.

Cheez Goh, from Singapore, said she was on her way home on July 9, 2020, when she saw the rats fighting with each other.

To top that off, a cat passed-by and was shocked to see what was happening.

I would too, I would too.

In the video, 2 rodents could be seen going hand to hand as they brawl on the ground and attack each other on the stomach.

But everything got more hilarious when a curious cat appeared from the corner and watched the fight.

The rats could be seen staying in the standing pose as they continued their fight in a roofed alley in Singapore.

Cheez shared the video on Facebook along with the caption of:

On my way home to this amusing sight! We’re so used to seeing cats fighting, but have you ever seen rats fighting? A cat that never interrupts is a smart cat!

🐭On my way home to this amusing sight! We’re so used to seeing cats fighting. But have you ever seen rats fighting? 🐱A cat that never interrupts is a smart cat. Guess which rat did the cat chase after? 🚨🚨🚨The one that runs away from my direction or the ones that comes towards my direction? Guess correctly, i’ll buy you coffee ☕️For licensing/commercial usage of this video, please contact licensing@rumble.com

Posted by Cheez Goh on Wednesday, 8 July 2020

The video, which has been viewed by over 100,000 users, shows the rats standing on their hind legs before they broke off and went on their own ways.

The cat in the video ended up chasing the rat that ran towards her.

It’s amazing to see weird moments like these getting caught on cam.

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