2 Massive Rat Snakes Fight For Dominance In Hair-Raising Video

2 massive snakes that were seen fighting in a video has caught the attention of social media users after the video of the combat was shared on Twitter.

The video that we’re talking about was shared on Twitter, a microblogging platform, by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service Officer.

The video shows the massive rat snakes fighting for dominance.

In the video, the snakes could be seen fighting in the water before going on land.

As they were in the water, the snakes looked pretty small, however, their real sizes could be seen once they emerged out of the water.

The 2 massive rat snakes could be seen coiling themselves around each other in a combat for dominance in this hair-raising video.

It is believed that the 2 snakes in the video were fighting for territory and were trying to win someone who they wanted to mate with.

While sharing the video, Nanda said:

Two male fighting to define their territory & defend their mate.

Rat snakes are snakes that are under the nonvenomous snake’s category.

They kill their hunts by constriction. Their meals usually consist of small rats, hence their names.

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